Improving Sales Conversion Rates at Credit Risk Monitor®

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Our team partnered with CreditRiskMonitor® (CRMZ) to improve their sales funnel conversion rates. CRMZ is a subscription-based risk monitoring tool that predicts the likelihood that a company will go bankrupt within the next 12-months. CRMZ’s customers use the tool to make decisions in extending customer credit, managing supplier relationships, and managing treasury exposures.

An illustration of CRMZ’s sales funnel
Illustration of CRMZ’s sales funnel


We hypothesized that four key factors driving customer demand for the product drive sales conversion:

Data Sources

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — customer relationship management tool data tracked sales representative activity such as calls and emails to/from prospects and demos conducted.

Exploratory Analysis

We first analyzed conversion rates based on demographics and found that prospects from the mining, manufacturing industries tended to convert both from prospect to trial user and trail user to paid user faster than other industries.

A Sankey diagram of CRMZ’s customer journey
Sankey diagram of CRMZ’s customer journey


Our main model was a logistic regression with XGBoost, a machine learning algorithm, to predict conversion from leads to demos based on CRM, Site, and Sales Enablement data. Using all the data, features related to sales representative performance dominate prediction (red square below). In addition to sales representative performance, emails and calls are important in predicting conversion to demos.

Feature importance of logistic regression

Recommendations to Client

Based on our analysis and output the client has begun to implement some changes to improve the predictive power of future models or provide additional business value.


Overall, we were able to build a predictive model that identifies a prospect’s propensity to convert along various stages of the sales funnel. While the model is not a solution ready for implementation, the process allowed us to provide actionable insights which can increase the business value to CRMZ.



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